Over-protective combat droid of unknown origins.


Little is known about the unusual and over-protective droid known as BG-9 (Baktoid Guardian-series Unit Designation #9). This is partly due to a lack of time to properly question the Droid, but also in part credited to some very restrictive programming and a hidden memory core that BG-9 can’t seem to currently access. It is fairly evident that whoever (or whatever) sent BG-9 to watch over Silas Everbright wants the droid’s origin to be kept a secret.

After a semi-successfully search on the holonet, Silas was able to at least uncover some information on the droid model itself. The Baktoid Guardian series was a prototype generation of droids developed by Baktoid Combat Automata meant to be used as advanced personal bodyguards for high profile targets. The model was designed around a specialized heuristic processor that maintained the model’s adherence to authority, but allowed for the droid to learn through trial and error. This allowed the droid to learn it’s opponent’s tactics, hone it’s combat skills, and improvise in battle. BG-9.png The model is embedded with a blank ROM module that can have a single target or set of targets written to it which the droid will then be bound to defend. Once the target is programmed in it cannot be changed, ensuring complete loyalty and dedication to the client. The model comes equipped with a plasteel shell, hardened circuitry, and a remote viewer installed in the leftt arm.

There were a few flaws leftover in the design, including a notable tendency of the model to become over-obsessive in the droid’s desire to protect it’s target…sometimes to the point of absurdity. This flaw was never resolved, however, as the contract for a bodyguard class droid was awarded to Holowan Mechanicals for its IG-1000 Series before Baktoid Combat Automa could finish development. As a result, the BG-series was abandoned, with only 13 units ever having been produced.

According to record, all models were thought to have been destroyed…


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