Silas Everbright

A contemplative zealot eager to serve his cause while avoiding fights


Stat Score Mod

Strength 14 (2)
Dexterity 16 (
Constitution 18 (4)
Intelligence 10 (
Wisdom 13 (1)
Charisma 13 (

Fortitude 17
Reflex 17
Will 12
Melee 3
Ranged 4

Hit Points 34
Initiative 8
Perception 6
Base Attack 1


Silas Everbright is a man with a fitting name. That’d be his last name, he’s never much cared for his first. But to really understand Silas, one must understand where he came from.

He was born in a small city on a small planet that few citizens of the universe have ever heard of. His mother died when Silas was only two, so he was raised mostly by his father: Edgar Everbright. Edgar was a simple man, he was not well educated or well-off. He worked as a mechanic for the various droids and crafts that needed constant attentions in a small town. But the money from being a mechanic wasn’t enough to give Silas the life Edgar wanted him to have, so Edgar would earn extra cash participating in backroom brawls in a local seedy bar. Edgar could swing a fist like no one else Silas has ever met, and after school or on weekends Edgar would teach Silas to defend himself the same way.

Silas looked up to his father more than anyone in the galaxy. His father’s lessons made him into the man he is today, but when Silas was fourteen, his father was killed in a fight that got out of hand. Silas has been on his own ever since.

Silas is smart, but not in the academic way. He understands people, and is just charming enough to convince most of them to like him. He’s always found that life goes much more smoothly with a smile—this lesson is one of the few he learned after his father left him with little to smile about. Ultimately Silas is a gentle and kind person—he tries to avoid any fight he can, preferring to reason or talk his way out of a fight when at all possible. This is perhaps the harshest lesson a boy of fourteen could ever learn.

Though war rages on elsewhere in the galaxy, Silas has rarely come into contact with it in his life. Where he lived life was quiet, and he has had little cause to worry about events he never dreamed he’d be a part of.

When he was on his own at fourteen Silas found his way in the world by charming strangers into helping him out, and eventually made fast friends with an old tinker who ran his own shop in town. The old man taught him to be patient, careful, and clear-headed. He insisted that Silas spend time each day in meditation, thinking on his life and what he wanted out of it. He kept learning martial arts, focusing on defensive throws and pins to end a fight without harm. Now he’s a confident and competent fighter that prefers to never need those skills.

A man is nothing but an animal without his principles—that was one of the many truths Edgar impressed upon Silas when he was young. Say this about Silas Everbright, say he is a man of principles. To really know who Silas is one need do little more than understand those principles—and to that end here are some of the most important to him.

Always avoid a fight when you can—any fight could be a man’s last.

When a fight is inevitable, be the first to strike—the first man to strike is often the last.

Treat everyone as you would a friend, but remember few of them are—you have to be realistic about these things.

The only path to satisfaction is to stop seeking it. We are designed to seek endlessly and never be satisfied with what we find.

It is better to do a thing, than live with the fear of it.

Finally, it is always better to seem less than you are—an opponent’s confidence can defeat them without your help.

Silas Everbright

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